Forge FC’s Chris Nanco on OneSoccer Hangout: ‘I hope we’ll see a bigger change’ in society
Canadian Premier League

The OneSoccer crew was joined by Forge FC forward Chris Nanco on Monday’s episode of Player and Pundit Hangouts.

Nanco spoke with OneSoccer hosts Adam Jenkins, Kurt Larson and Oliver Platt about a variety of topics, including the issue of racism in the aftermath of George Floyd’s recent death at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nanco recalled how he has been on the receiving end of racist behaviour in his life, and offered his thoughts on whether the current protests and social movements taking place across the U.S. and Canada will lead to serious changes in terms of achieving racial equality.

“”I can only hope we’ll see a bigger change than in the past. A lot of things blow over in a couple weeks, but now people are marching, doing what they can to try and make a change,” Nanco said.

Nanco also talked about Forge FC returning to training this week at Tim Hortons Field.

“It was tough. The first day is always tough. But it was good, and it was good to see the guys… Everybody had smiles on their faces, and just being able to kick the ball around at Tim Hortons Field was amazing,” Nanco offered.

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