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Freedom Memberships


Forge FC presents the exclusive Freedom Membership—a gateway to the ultimate soccer experience. As the powerhouse of the Canadian Premier League, we invite you to join us in a world of unrivaled passion and exceptional perks. Enjoy the following features with our Freedom Membership:

  • 20 Vouchers: Redeemable in any combination to any number of matches. Attend 2 matches with 10 friends or attend 10 matches with 2 friends, the possibilities are endless. Redeem as you go and enjoy complete freedom and flexibility.

  • Save 30% on Average: Enjoy an average discount of 30% compared to purchasing single game tickets, making it an affordable way to support Forge FC.

  • 5th Year Commemorative Scarf: Receive a limited-edition scarf to celebrate our team’s fifth year, proudly displaying your loyalty.

  • Pre-Sale Access for Playoffs: Secure your spot in the highly anticipated playoff matches with exclusive pre-sale access.

  • 15% Off Concessions: Indulge in delicious stadium fare at a 15% discounted price, adding to the enjoyment of each game.

  • 10% Off Merchandise: Show your Forge FC pride with a 10% discount on all team merchandise, allowing you to represent the club in style.

  • Pre-Match Sideline Access: Witness the electrifying pre-match atmosphere with exclusive access to the sidelines, getting closer to the action.

Become a Freedom Member today and elevate your soccer experience with Forge FC. Join us in celebrating our team’s legacy and be part of our pursuit of greatness on the field.

Half-Season Memberships


Experience the excitement of our Half-Season Membership and unlock a range of value added benefits. By joining our loyal fan community, you’ll gain access to a host of incredible features designed to enhance your match day experience. With a Half-Season Membership, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Same Seat for Eight (8) Matches: Immerse yourself in the action and cheer on your favorite team from the comfort of your dedicated seat throughout eight thrilling matches.

  • Save 22% on Average vs Single Game Prices: As a valued Half-Season Member, you’ll enjoy substantial savings, with an average discount of 22% compared to purchasing single game tickets.

  • 5th Year Commemorative Scarf: Celebrate our team’s milestone and receive a limited-edition scarf to commemorate our fifth year, showcasing your unwavering support.

  • Pre-Sale Access for Playoff Tickets: Be among the first to secure your tickets for the highly anticipated playoff matches, guaranteeing your spot as our team aims for glory.

  • Pre-Match Sideline Access: Gain an unforgettable behind-the-scenes experience with exclusive pre-match sideline access, witnessing the energy and preparation that fuels our team before the big game.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a Half-Season Member and elevate your love for the sport. Join us today and unlock a world of exclusive benefits!