Club Story: Forge FC

The story of Hamilton is best exemplified in the spirit, pride and hard-working nature of our people – a community that celebrates its industrial roots and ambitious future.

The steel industry has been an integral part of our city; a sector that has a 100-year history in Hamilton and has employed tens of thousands of Hamiltonians. Hard work, creativity and ambition are the values that define the men and women who work in these steel mills and foundries. Today, these same principles work to promote Hamilton’s ongoing revival. Hamiltonians are leading the advancement of industries old and new, including advanced manufacturing, health sciences, technology, education and arts & culture.

Bob Young, Co-Founder of Forge FC, was inspired by supporters from across Hamilton and their commitment to have a club that represents their passion. Bob’s vision is to ensure and maintain the club’s long-term success. His leadership and vision to bring people together will ensure that Forge FC is successful on and off the field.

In the heart of Hamilton, Tim Horton’s Field stands tall and proud. The official venue of the 2015 Pan American Games was built for our beautiful game. The new home of Forge FC provides a world-class live sporting experience, one that die-hard fans and families can enjoy together. It’s also a symbol of Hamilton’s progress, a place where generations of Hamiltonians have come together to support our clubs. Professional soccer in Hamilton originated on these grounds in 1961, when the Hamilton Steelers began play in the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League.

The on-field philosophy of Forge FC is to ignite the pitch with energy, transforming the game through creativity and attacking play. Working as one, the players will strive to win every challenge, play beautiful soccer, and create an outcome greater than their individual performances. Shaping the club will be our technical staff, who share a steadfast commitment to player development and achieving excellence. Forge FC is committed to fostering relationships with local clubs to inspire a winning culture and develop the best Canadian talent. We want to forge more exceptional talents like Alex Bunbury and create opportunities inside and outside of the game.

Forge FC was born from the ground up, through youth soccer. Our club will work together with the soccer community to develop and grow the game at a grassroots level, progressing the beautiful game in Hamilton and beyond, with the hope of unifying and fostering support of soccer at a national level. You don’t have to look further than the massive crowds at the Pan American Games and the sold out stands at Canadian Women’s National Team games at Tim Horton’s Field to see that Hamiltonians love the beautiful game.

The core philosophy of Forge FC originates from our passionate people and proud heritage. These core values remain firm as our population surges and our culture diversifies. As our community builds the next chapter in Hamilton soccer, we haven’t forgotten where we come from. Our club was shaped by the passion of our supporters, championed by an idea that has now turned into reality.

Forge FC is for Hamiltonians of all ages, who will bring their passion, pride and the spirit of our community to Tim Hortons Field. All are welcome in Hamilton. All are welcome at Forge FC.

Our City. Your Club. Forge FC

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