Club Philosophy

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no
limitations to where you can go.”

- James Baldwin

Pride. It emanates from Hamilton. Passionate people with a proud heritage. Core values that remain steadfast as our population surges and our culture diversifies.  A community that forges forward, a Club to reflect the City.

As our community builds the next chapter in Hamilton soccer, we haven’t forgotten where we came from.

Forge FC was forged in passion..  an impassioned supporter group, championing an idea, turning it into reality. Flag waving, voices raised, a new community formed.

Forge FC was forged in minor soccer.. we will work in collaboration with the soccer community to develop and grow the game at the grassroots level, progressing the game forward in Hamilton and beyond.  Many clubs, one team, one goal.

Forge FC was forged in community.. a City unified in support of the beautiful game. James St. closures. 300,000+ fans at the Pan Am Games. Sold out Women’s National Team games at Tim Hortons Field.  A quiet confidence that we will continuously advance forward, together.

Forge FC is for Hamiltonians, old and new, who will bring their passion, their pride, their community, to Tim Hortons Field.  All are welcome in Hamilton, all are welcome at Forge FC.

Our City.  Your Club. Forge FC