Co-Founder Profile

“Almost every Canadian has played soccer at one time or another, now we will have our own league to cheer for and for our kids to aspire to play for.” – Bob Young

Bob Young
Co-Founder, Forge FC

Forge FC was inspired by supporters from across the Hamilton region and their commitment to continuous advancement.  The Club’s original members will forever be our Co-Founders, the community members who led the charge in defining the next phase of soccer in Hamilton.  Bob Young, the Club’s first Co-Founder, is committed to ensuring and maintaining the Club’s long-term success, and he is looking for help.

Your commitment to the Canadian game, vision for the future and enthusiasm for great sporting entertainment will make you an ideal Co-Founder for Forge FC.  It will be your belief in a Canadian professional soccer league and your passionate support of Canadian sports excellence that will ensure its success. Now, it is your turn to breathe life into a flagship franchise of the Canadian Premier League, Forge FC.

Born and raised in Hamilton, the Forge FC will be a leader in thanks to the enthusiasm of our Co-Founders, fans and players across this region who aspire for something greater, something uniquely ours.

Our City.  Your Club. Forge FC