Technical Philosophy

Forge FC will ignite the pitch, transforming the game through creativity and sparks of ingenuity.  Eleven men, working together, grinding results, winning challenges and creating an outcome greater than their individual contribution.  The Hamilton way. Our history will be etched with each strike of the Hammers, forging our first goal, our first victory and our first title.

Shaping the club will be our technical staff, with an unwavering commitment to talent development and maximum effort.  They will be our blacksmiths molding a Club in the values of our community.

Build respect from within the City.

Crucial to Forge FC’s success will be the discovery and development of local talent.  Forge FC is committed to fostering relationships with local soccer clubs to inspire title-winning soccer and develop the best Canadian talent along the way.  Aligned, Forge FC and our local clubs will share the same goals, the same drive and same pride. Exceptional players like Alex Bunbury, will no longer be the exception, he will be the rule.  Creating opportunities inside and outside the game. Build respect from within the City. Elevate the Country.

Our City.  Your Club. Forge FC