MENU Virtual Newsroom: Update on 2021 season and CPL-U SPORTS Draft
Canadian Premier League

In the latest episode of the Virtual Newsroom…’s Charlie O’Connor-Clarke and Marty Thompson review a big week in the Canadian Premier League: Victoria Day as a potential 2021 season start date and a new U-21 minute threshold, and the upcoming CPL-U SPORTS Draft.

  • 0:34 – Victoria Day targeted for the start of the 2021 CPL season: “This should help clubs recruit”
  • 4:44 – Marty and Charlie getting set up for May 2-4: Time for Kim Mitchell!
  • 6:09 – U-21 minutes threshold increased: “Ironically, it could have been higher”
  • 6:41 – “We’re always going to have teams that smash the record.”
  • 9:45 – Quick Forge FC aside: Daniel Krutzen on trial in Sweden…
  • 13:04 – CPL-U SPORTS Draft time: Who’s in the draft pool?
  • 14:20 – First off: Many Canadian soccer brothers are available to be picked…
  • 16:15 – Watch for defenders and midfielders in the draft?
  • 20:55 – Oh, HFX Wanderers signed CanMNT midfielder Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé

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