Forge FC unveiled the club’s custom-designed Macron primary and alternate playing kits ahead of the 2024 Canadian Premier League season at the Kit Launch Party on Thursday night.

Introducing Forge FC’s 2024 primary kit, a masterpiece of design that encapsulates the essence of the club’s heritage and triumphs. Crafted in the iconic Forge FC orange, this jersey boasts an abstract geometrical pattern, portraying sparks flying from a hammer in action – a nod to the relentless spirit and determination of the club.

Enhancing the vibrant orange are elegant touches of gold and black, gracing the collar and cuffs. These accents symbolize Forge FC’s back-to-back championship triumphs and serve as a testament to the club’s commitment to excellence. The jersey proudly showcases the city of Hamilton’s pride on the back.

Forge FC’s 2024 alternate kit is a stunning tribute to the captivating allure of Hamilton, renowned as the waterfall capital of the world. Embracing the city’s natural beauty, this kit showcases the club’s unique waterfall white look, portraying a subtle yet powerful nod to the mesmerizing force of water crashing down at the bottom of a waterfall.

Adorning the kit is a subtle sublimated geometric texture, paying homage to the club’s emblem, featuring three dynamic orange sparks, reminiscent of a forge ablaze with vigor – a powerful symbol of resilience, strength, and unity. The kit’s meticulous details feature the classic orange and steel-coloured stripes on the collar and cuffs. On the back of the jersey, the pride of Hamilton shines brightly in vibrant orange.

Commending our storied history and unprecedented success, both jerseys will display the CPL’s Legacy Patch on the back of the jerseys, beneath the collar, honouring the four CPL Titles Forge FC has claimed in its history, won in 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023.

Continuing our longstanding partnership, Tim Hortons returns to support the success of Forge FC as the official kit sponsor for a sixth consecutive season. Additionally, both kits will proudly feature league sponsor CIBC on the left sleeve of the jersey.

Forge FC’s team-authentic jerseys will be available online for purchase today at and in-store at the Forge FC Shop at Tim Hortons Field. Fans will be able to customize each jersey with either their favourite Forge FC player or a personalized name and number of their choice at an additional cost.

Forge FC return to Tim Hortons Field for the 2024 Home Opener vs. Cavalry FC on Saturday, April 13 at 4 pm. Fans interested in Forge FC ticket information can contact a ticket representative at 905-527-3674 or, or visit one of the following links:

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