Forge FC: Emblem Story

The Forge FC emblem symbolises the enormous pride Hamiltonians have in their city – a community that celebrates the past and embraces the future.

Our crest was inspired by our home and its people. The monogram ‘H’ embraces our great city and what the club proudly represents. Within the open space of the H is a cascading waterfall. The three sparks bursting from the top of the monogram represent the three fundamental elements of Forge FC – city, community and club.

Our home is built on community spirit, character and resilience. Hamilton has a broad mix of urban centres and sprawling farmland. From Flamborough to Stoney Creek. It also offers plenty of attractions for individuals and families to enjoy including museums, entertainment venues, parks and conservation areas. Hamiltonians also take pride in welcoming newcomers and refugees as they recognize the value that they bring to the communities in the city.

The beautiful game has been part of the fabric of Hamilton with people of all ages playing in local parks, recreational leagues and local soccer clubs. Hamiltonians have also shown their support with record crowds at the 2015 Pan American Games and at the recent Women’s National Team game at Tim Hortons Field, which sold over 23,000 tickets.

The left stem of the H is shaped like an F, which merged with the 3 sparks, form the F of Forge FC.

The inspiration of our club name comes from our industrious roots, ambitious future and incredible community spirit. A city that moves forward with values that are shared by Hamiltonians – creativity, ambition and grit. Forge FC also pays respect to our manufacturing heritage and the core values that our people forged within the mills.

Our club’s colours are inspired by the spark orange that comes from the strike of a hammer, the energy of entrepreneurs and community builders who are reshaping Hamilton and the breathtaking orange sunrises and sunsets over Hamilton and Lake Ontario. Spark Orange also celebrates the incredible beauty of orange brick homes throughout the city.

The Platinum Steel in our crest pays respect to Hamilton’s manufacturing industry and is the secondary colour of Forge FC’s palette.

Finally, the Waterfall White illustrates our city’s beauty; honouring the over 100 waterfalls that mark the Hamilton landscape from the Bruce Trail to the Niagara Escarpment.

Our City. Your Club. Forge FC

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